Margot et Max – Monte La Musique (Remixes) | EP

Following the debut of the new French Boogie / Disco project Margot et Max, Parisian label Chuwanaga proudly presents a series of remixes of « Monte La Musique » by some of the most exciting French and international producers: Inkswel, Kelton Prima, DJ NoWay and Saint-James. Each one in his own style offers a new take on this irresistible song with a panel of references going from downtempo jazzy hip-hop to ghetto house beats. Turn the music up!

Inkswel is an award-nominated Australian music producer, DJ and self-confessed music obsessive know for his contributions to many labels (BBE, Inner Tribe Records, Atjazz Records, Burek, Cosmocities). Forever pushing forward-thinking sounds, he offers here a remix deeply rooted in his Hip-Hop influences. Fresh!

Kelton Prima is a French DJ and producer known for his work within the modern Funk and House scene – check his quality releases on Jamal Moss’ Mathematics Recordings or Pizzico Nobel! Passionate about Electro-Funk and Boogie, he drops a killer reinterpretation of « Monte La Musique », boosting the beat with dope chords and synths, ending on a real climax with a great solo.

French DJ producer DJ NoWay from Saint-Etienne and now based in Lyon is a real Jack-of-all-trades. From hip hop to electrofunk through disco, house and world music, his influences are limitless. Behind the machines, he’s more into the ghetto house style and he offered here a hallucinated remix that will surely burn some dancefloors. Caution, very inflammable!

Finally, DJ and producer Saint-James aka « Max » from Margot et Max and Chuwanaga drops an extended version of his own production, bringing the song into different harmonies, exploring the furthest nooks of the encapsulated 80’s era, still inspired by Latin Freestyle and Electro-Boogie.