Jasual Cazz – Temple | Single

Discover Jasual Cazz! Coming in strong with their first single, the band drops “Temple” on Chuwanaga, a loud mix between retro-futuristic strength, sci-Fi, video games and organic jazz.

“Temple” is a sort of wall-of-sound, a powerful punch in the face that will remind you of the best racing or fighting videogames, powered by a sort-of-of organic Jungle soundtrack. Massive! The track also comes with a strong remix from talented French producer Mayflo, known for his love towards jungle & drum’n’bass – now you know what to expect.


Volume at full blast in the cockpit, Herbie Hancock and Casiopea’s music resonate in outer space. Jasual Cazz is here! Those fellas from Lyon (FR) have this music in their blood and they are determined to defend it with sincerity. Since they have improved their skills on a game console that never shuts down, all they have in mind is to push the jazz boundaries.