Fusion Affair – Dasha | Digital

If you’re into the classic sound of the best releases from the seventies and eighties era Jazz-Funk or Fusion with a slightly modern and exciting touch, you don’t want to miss out on Fusion Affair. Proudly presented by Parisian label Chuwanaga, this new Jazz-Funk/Fusion project delivers their first single « Dasha » with a stunning Garage House Remix by French music producer Tour-Maubourg.

Despite its chordal simplicity, the dreamier yet modern track “Dasha” begins with an unconventional use of berimbau. After several expositions of its beautiful main melody, the track intensifies with a perfectly executed drum and bass interlude. This is a really unique tune with a lot of vibes and character, the somehow perfect result from our age of reinterpreting genres and music.

Fusion Affair brings together the talents of French musicians from Paris, Nice and Montréal, all gathered by the producer LeMatoux and the composer Mathieu Guillot (keys) : Sofian El Mabrouk (bass), Théo Michel (guitars), Erwan Loeffel (percussions) and Tao Ehrlich (drums). Following many sessions at the infamous Studio Delta, record label Chuwanaga and the band are ready to spread their infectious groove all over the globe!

Tour-Maubourg is a synth lover and gear aficionado, he has released numerous tracks on labels such as Pont Neuf Records, Fina, Happiness Therapy, Noire&Blanche among others… Known mostly for his jazz infused cuts, he delivered a Francois K inspired proper NYC House tune.