ALINA – I Don’t Belong Here / Breathe | EP

We present our first collaboration with ALINA. On the double single I Don’t Belong Here / Breathe you’ll discover the unique flavor of Paris based Romanian singer’s first release, produced by label co-founder SaintJames. Available as Digital only.

On the funky sing along tune “I Don’t Belong Here”, ALINA tells her own personal story with a lot of sweetness, genuinely describing her inner travel from her hopes and dreams of the Parisian life to the frustrating impression of not finding her place. A universal feeling conveyed by Alina’s sultry vocals in a beautiful song with strong energy, backed up by a solid production and its thumping Moog bassline.

On “Breathe”, ALINA puts her sweet voice on top of a 808 Loose Ends kind of beat with a Juno 60 bass which might remind you of the cream of the Latin Freestyle era and its charismatic diva singers. In this song about artificial paradises, as ALINA takes us higher and higher, between two clouds of smoke you’ll inhale a fresh gasp of groove and end up in a daze.